NASMHPD Webinar Presentations

A Cross-Systems Approach to Addressing the Mental Health Needs of Older Americans: Certified Older Adult Peer Specialists, May 6, 2015

Inventory and Environmental Scan of Evidence - Based Practices for Treating Persons in Early Stages of Serious Mental Disorders: Resource Overview, February 11, 2015

Measuring the Impact of Early Intervention Programs for First Episode Psychosis: Experiences and Lessons Learned from Two States, Oregon and Maryland, December 16, 2014
TAC's Webinar #22: First Episodes of Psychosis (FEP) as it pertains to the Mental Health Block Grant: New York State Modeling Tool, October 28, 2014
TAC's Webinar #21: First Episodes of Pyschosis (FEP) as it pertains to the Mental Health Block Grant: Definition and Prevalence, October 22, 2014
TAC's Webinar #20: Hearing Voices Training, October 10, 2014
TAC's Webinar #19: NAMI and SAARDA Presentation on Schizophrenia Awareness, October 9, 2014
Reducing Toxic Stress and Promoting Positive Behavioral Health in Young People: The "Communities that Care" Prevention Operating System, September 23, 2014
TAC's Webinar #18: Forensic Mental Health Programs and Services, September 12, 2014
TAC's Webinar #17: Violence Prevention, September 11, 2014
TAC's Webinar #16: CIT: Transforming Communities after Tragedy, September 10, 2014
TAC's Webinar #15: Live Chat with Gary Blau and John O'Brien, September 4, 2014
DIG Webinar on the 2013 URS/CLD Results, September 11, 2014
TAC's Webinar #14: Training and Certification of Peer Support Providers, August 28, 2014
TAC's Webinar #13: Mental Health First Aid: A Strategy for Communities, August 26, 2014
TAC's Webinar #12: Transition and Re-entry Issues in the Criminal and Juvenile Justice Arena, August 25, 2014
TAC's Webinar #11: Social Media, August 20, 2014
TAC's Webinar #10: Best Practices in Supportive Housing, August 7, 2014
TAC's Webinar #9: Olmstead Integration - Utilizing Core Services, July 30, 2014
TAC's Webinar #8: Community Outreach and Prevention as an Element of Early Intervention in Psychosis, July 22, 2014
Early Adverse Experiences and Brain Development: Implications For Prevention, Intervention, & Reducing Long Term Risk, July 15, 2014
TAC's Webinar #7: Organizational Capacity Considerations for Providing Peer Support Services, July 11, 2014
TAC's Webinar #6: Road to Recovery: Best Practices and Financing Strategies for Supported Employment, July 10, 2014
TAC's Webinar #5: Funding Strategies for Early Psychosis Intervention Models, July 9, 2014
How Medicaid Funding Can Support Recovery-Oriented Systems of Care, June 30, 2014
Treating Depression in Children and Adolescents, June 27, 2014
TAC's Webinar #4: Overall Effects of Implementation of the Affordable Care Act, June 26, 2014
Bipolar Disorders and Intervention Strategies for Optimizing Positive Outcomes, June 25, 2014

Promoting Integrated Care Approaches for Addressing the Whole Health Needs of Persons with Behavioral Health Disorders, June 17, 2014

TAC's Webinar #3: Prep for Success: Lessons Learned in Implementing Models for Early Intervention in Psychosis, June 5, 2014
TAC's Webinar #2: Using Emotional CPR to Implement Systems Transformation powerpoint presentation, June 4, 2014

Adversity among Adolescents in Substance Abuse Treatment: Implications for the Prevention and Treatment Continuum, June 3, 2014

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Recovery with Persons in Early Stages of Serious Mental Illness, May 29, 2014
Preventing Neuroprogression in Bipolar Disorder by Early Intervention, May 28, 2014
Components of Coordinated Specialty Care for First Episode Psychosis, May 2 and May 12, 2014
TAC's Webinar #1: Peer Supports – Past, Present, and Future, May 9, 2014
Evidence Based Practices: Making Informed Choices, April 17, 2014
Creating Compassionate, Trauma-Informed Schools to Promote Student Well-Being and Resilience, March 25, 2014
The Workforce Development in Mental Health, March 13, 2014
The Role of Social Determinants in Population Health: Considerations for Prevention in Behavioral Health; Trauma; and Recovery, February 11, 2014
Needs for publicly funded behavioral health services under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA): What gaps will remain?, February 4, 2014
Closing the Gap: Implementing Evidence-based Behavioral Health Practices for Older Americans, December 17, 2013
The Pew-MacArthur Results First Initiative: Targeting Resources at Programs that Work, September 26, 2013
DIG Client-Level Data (CLD) Report Analyses, September 24, 2013
Legislative Strategies to Foster the Use of Evidence-Based Prevention Practices: Examples from Washington State, September 9, 2013
The PROSPER Model as an Example of a Successful Framework for Promoting Sustainable, Multi-System Prevention Efforts, September 5, 2013
Analyzing the 2012 Uniform Reporting System (URS); National Trends and Progress on the NOMs, August 29, 2013
Sustaining Primary Prevention Programming Behavioral Health, August 26, 2013
Culturally Appropriate Strategies for Prevention-Based Work in Tribal Communities, August 21, 2013
Evidence-Based Policies Designed to Promote Healthy Youth Development and Well-Being, August 15, 2013
Implementation Science: Planning for Successful Implementation of Evidence Based Practices, August 6, 2013
Understanding and Addressing Morbidity and Mortality in People with Serious Mental Illness, August 1, 2013
Improving our Nation’s Well-Being: Updates on Behavioral Health Promotion/Prevention Research, July 22, 2013
Substance Use Prevention and Beyond:  Examples of Community Anti-Drug Coalitions that have Successfully Adopted Broader Health Promotion Missions and Projects, July 17, 2013
Information Technology: Opportunities for Care Coordination, July 16, 2013
Shield of Care: Suicide Prevention Model for Youth in the Juvenile Justice System, July 16, 2013
Fostering Healthy Parenting Practices and Promoting Child Well-Being through Evidence-Based Community Approaches:  The Triple P System & the CDC Legacy for Children Model, July 9, 2013

Preventive Interventions for Parental Depression: An Opportunity not to be Missed, June11, 2013

Triple P, June 5, 2013

Understanding and Reducing Behavioral Health Disparities, May 30, 2013

Prevention-Oriented Public Behavioral Health Infrastructure: What are the Essential Ingredients?, February 14, 2013


NASMHPD Prevention Center's webinar on the Critical Role of Families in Reducing Risk and Promoting Well-Being for LGBT Youth

View the August 2012 six-part webinar series on Promoting Alternatives to Seclusion and Restraint with the Virtual Training Institute.

Enrollment and Eligibility Webinar Series sponsored by SAMHSA, NASMHPD, and NASADAD (You must register via the links below to view the recordings.)

NASMHPD's Financing and Medicaid Division webinar on the Oklahoma Enhanced Tier Payment System (ETPS), July 26, 2012

  • Terri White's, Commissioner, ODMHSAS; Carrie Slatton-Hodges', Deputy Commissioner of Treatment and Recovery Services, ODMHSAS; Wendy Larsen's, Director of Program Enhancement, ODMHSAS; and Mark Reynolds', Director of Decision Support Services, ODMHSAS Presentation

NASMHPD's Forensic Division webinar on HCR-20 & Violence Risk Assessment, June 28, 2012

  • Kevin Douglas', LL.B., Ph.D. and Laura S. Guy's, Ph.D. Presentation

NASMHPD's Forensic Division webinar on Promoting Alternatives to Seclusion and Restraint through Trauma-Informed Practices, February 28, 2012

CFRI Essential Health Benefits Webinar Series sponsored by SAMHSA, NASMHPD, and NASADAD (You must register via the links below to view the recordings.)

Georgetown University's T.A. Center for Children's Mental Health/NASMHPD's Children, Youth, and Families Division's webinar on Health Homes and Managed Care, December 13, 2011.
- Joan Erney's Presentation
NASMHPD's webinar on Suicide Prevention, December 6, 2011
NASMHPD's webinar on Deaf and Hard of Hearing Populations, September 27, 2011
NASMHPD's webinar on Money Follows the Person, September 20, 2011
NASMHPD's Legal Division webinar on Outpatient Civil Commitment, July 26, 2011
- Dr. Jeffrey Swanson and Dr. Marvin Swartz's presentation
Missouri's Efforts to Integrate Care for Individuals with Serious Mental Illness: A Catalyst for Other States, May 24, 2011
- Dr. Joe Park's Presentation
NASMHPD's Legal Division Webinar on Recent Olmstead/USDOJ Cases,
April 14, 2011
- New York State's Olmstead Litigation
Georgia's ADA Agreement Powerpoint
Oregon State Hospital Investigation Letter
SAMHSA's Promoting Alternatives to Seclusion and Restraint Through Trauma-Informed Practices webinar "Understanding and Addressing Trauma among People Receiving Services in Criminal Justice and Behavioral Health Settings", April 13, 2011
- Power point slides
CMS' Demonstration to Maintain Independence and Employment (DMIE), February 15, 2011
- Dena Stoner's (TX) and MaryAlice Mowry's (MN) Presentations
CDC Webinar Crisis and Credibility Communication.
- The presentation focuses on crisis and emergency risk communication, reputational risk, and delivering difficult news.