Trauma and its Relevance to Health Care, Part 2: Trauma Inquiry and Response in Health Care Settings

In 2011, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) recommended that health care setting screen and respond to both Intimate Partner Violence and past trauma. Since then, leaders in primary and integrated health care increasingly have worked to be more responsive to the trauma-related needs of the people they serve. This presentation provides key considerations for inquiring about and responding to current and past trauma in primary and integrated health care settings. Participants learn about (1) ways to prepare practitioners and health care settings to ask about and respond to trauma; (2) options for asking about and responding to recent and past trauma; and (3) suggestions for how to use a trauma-informed perspective to more effectively respond to common trauma-related health problems such as depression, substance use, and chronic pain. Presenters: Edward Machtinger, MD; Naina Khanna; Brigid McCaw, MD Moderator: Mary Blake