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Best Practices in Continuing Care after Early Intervention for Psychosis

Most Coordinated Specialty Care (CSC) programs are designed to be time-limited, with individuals leaving CSC services after 2-3 years. Some individuals choose to enter other community-based mental health services at that time. This series of three brief (20-minute) recorded webinars is intended for community programs receiving individuals from CSC programs and covers the following topics:

Windows of Opportunity in Early Psychosis Care: Navigating Cultural Dilemmas

Culture can be defined as what matters most to people—that is, how they make sense of their lives interacting with and negotiating multiple traditions of meaning from their families, communities, and society at large. This series of three training videos is designed to help CSC providers navigate cultural dilemmas around:

A companion training guide provides key themes, teaching tools, and discussion questions.

Online Tutorial: Facilitating Meaningful Engagement of Young People and Their Families in Early Intervention Programs

This web-based, three module course is designed for clinicians and providers (including therapists, case managers, prescribers, and peer and family support specialists) working in early psychosis programs.

Demystifying Psychosis: For Family Members

This web-based, three module course is designed for family members of an individual who is experiencing a first episode of psychosis.

Early Intervention in Psychosis: A Primer

This web-based, three module course is designed for professionals in diverse settings who work with teens and young adults and who are interested in learning about the early warning signs of psychosis, intervention and treatment.