Healingneen BCD

*Short Version of Healing Neen is a 25-minute training version of the award-winning feature length documentary "Healing Neen." Click here to view this video .

Healing Neen takes viewers on a journey to places and subjects that most find too difficult or uncomfortable to fathom. But it is Tonier “Neen” Cain’s joyous spirit and astonishing inner-strength that leaps through the screen directly into viewers hearts, inspiring renewed hope and compassion for those still living on the fringes. For two decades, Neen hustled on the streets of Annapolis, Maryland, desperately feeding an insatiable crack addiction and racking up 83 arrests along the way. Rapes and beatings were a routine part of life; home was underneath a bridge or inside the locked cage of a prison. In 2004, pregnant and incarcerated for violation of parole, she was provided the opportunity to go to a community trauma, mental health and addictions program. For more information along with how to order is to order the full feature-length DVD, please visit this website: http://healingneen.com/

*Behind Closed Doors Click here to view this video

Behind Closed Doors tells the story of Bettina, Sandy, Valerie and Tonier who have spent decades struggling to overcome childhood abuse. Retraumatized within psychiatric hospital walls, their lives continue to spiral downward into drug abuse, sexual victimization, and homelessness. Their future uncertain, they turn to a non-traditional, community program, hoping to heal.

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