Older Adults Targeted Capacity Expansion Grantee Meeting, held February 22-23, 2010 in Tampa, Florida

Winter Learning Collaborative Session 
February  22 &23, 2010

Tampa, Florida   
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Basic Principles for Managing Implementation and Working Towards Sustainability
Steve Bartels, MD, MS, Aricca Van Citters, MS, Tom Krajewski, MD
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Collecting and Using Your Data:Outcome Evaluation Metrics
Stephen J. Bartels, MD, MS, AriccaD. Van Citters, MS

Dartmouth Center for Health & Aging, Dartmouth Medical School.
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The History & Effectiveness of Mental Health & Aging Coalitions
Willard Mays, M.A.

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Person Centered, Treatment/documentation
Dr. Thomas Krajowski, Baltimore, MD

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