Older Persons Division

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Representatives of State Mental Health Programs for Older Persons, a division of the National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors (NASMHPD), are organized to carry out certain purposes of the parent organization as they specifically relate to older persons in accord with and subject to the amended bylaws of NASMHPD.


The purposes of the Older Persons Division are to highlight the needs of older persons for mental health services and to promote the quality and variety of preventive, therapeutic, and supportive services for older persons by:

  1. Compiling and disseminating information about the status of programs for older persons with mental illness in the states;
  2. Informing members of current and prospective legislation and funding of services for older persons;
  3. Encouraging states to share planning, programming, research and evaluation in Mental Health Services for older persons;
  4. Advising NASMHPD on issues relevant to the aged and representing NASMHPD as needed or requested before all groups, organizations, committees, federal and state agencies requesting information and/or input on mental health issues of older persons;
  5. Advocating for access to quality services for older persons;
  6. Promoting services consistent with the cultural and value preferences of older persons;
  7. Serving on key groups, committees and other organizations who are attempting to address the mental health issues of older persons on behalf of NASMHPD;
  8. Promoting the development of research, education and training, which would allow the states to enhance mental health programs for older persons; and
  9. Performing other functions as delegated by NASMHPD regarding mental health services for older persons.

To view the Older Person's Division Bylaws, please click here.

Special Topic Presentations

Executive Committee (as of January 2020)

Title Term Name State
Chairperson 1/1/24 – 12/31/25 Annette Clark VA
Vice Chairperson 1/1/24 - 12/31/25 Sarah Hussain KS

1/1/24 – 12/31/24

Lila Starr IA
Member-at-Large 1/1/24 – 12/31/24 Nirmala Dhar OR
Past-Chairperson N/A N/A N/A
Regional Coordinators
West 1/1/24 - 12/31/25 Vacant Vacant
Midwest 1/1/24 - 12/31/24 Terry Watts OH
Northeast 1/1/24 - 12/31/24 Karen Choens NY
South 1/1/24 - 12/31/25 Ann Darling LA





NASMHPD Commissioner Division Advisor:



NASMHPD Division Administrator:

Christy Malik, M.S.W.

Project Director, NASMHPD

703-739-9333, X122

Fax: 703-548-9517