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03/30/2012 Mental Health Block Grant Presentation and Dialogue...Deborah Baldwin, MPA
03/30/2012 C3I: Open Discussion of Members...Joan Dodge, Ph.D.
03/30/2012 Joint Presentation: Discussion of Youth MOVE, Inc. & Discussion of Family Support Provider Cert.
03/30/2012 Presentation and Discussion Concerning New Directions for a Trauma-Informed Child Welfare and Psychotropic Medication Issues for Children in Custody
03/30/2010 Update from SAMHSA's Child, Adolescent and Family Branch
03/30/2010 C3I: Members talk about topics selected through Georgetown T.A. Center survey
03/30/2010 Update on "Building Bridges" Initiative
03/30/2010 Public Health Workgroup Presentations
03/30/2010 Breakfast and TA Center Presentation
03/30/2010 Opportunities for Children's Mental Health in Health Care Reform