TTI 2021 Information Page

The 2021 TTI provided, on a competitive basis, flexible funding awards to states, the District of Columbia, and the Territories to strengthen innovative programs on the following topics:

  1. Bed Registries and Behavioral Health Crisis Services
  2. Diversion from Jail
  3. Improving Mental Health Services within Jails

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  • Resource GuideEach year, a resource guide is distributed to TTI participants. It contains information and best practices relevant to your topic(s).
  • TTI 2021 Q&A Summary

Meet and Greets

NASMHPD hosts meet and greets to encourage networking and collaboration between TTI participant. In 2021, meet and greets took place on 17th and 18th of March and February.

Information Exchanges

NASMHPD hosts virtual information exchanges monthly for TTI participants and their partners. Topics and presenters were chosen that directly relate to work in 988 readiness and crisis services.

2021 Reports & State Factsheets 

A. The Nexus Between Jail Diversion and Crisis Services

B. Summary Report: TTI 2021 Focused on Jail-Based Mental Health Services

C. Improving Access To Behavioral Health Crisis Services With Electronic Bed Registries

  • Alabama:
  • Colorado: B
  • Connecticut: A, B
  • Delaware: A, B
  • District of Columbia: C
  • Florida: A, B
  • Hawaii: A, C
  • Kansas: A
  • Kentucky: A
  • Lousiana: A
  • Massachusetts:
  • Minnesota: C
  • Mississippi: A, B
  • Missouri: B
  • Montana:
  • New Jersey: A,
  • New Mexico:
  • New York: A
  • Ohio: B
  • Oklahoma: A, B
  • Paula: B
  • Pennsylvania:
  • Puerto Rico: A, B
  • South Carolina: A, B
  • South Dakota: C
  • Texas: A
  • Utah: A
  • Washington: A, B, C

Other Materials

  • TTI 2022 Memorandum
  • TTI 2021 Application