TTI 2024 Information Page

This year’s TTI umbrella topic holds relevance and value for all states and territories: 988 expansion and improvement and expansion of crisis services. Its five unique subtopics encourage creativity, flexibility, collaboration, and coalition-building opportunities. TTI offers funding, TA, learning opportunities, networking, and enveloping support from NASMHPD staff to help guide your team to achieve your intended outcomes and transform your systems on your timeline. Hear former recipients describe their TTI experience HERE.

For Federal Fiscal Year (FFY) 2024, SAMHSA will award 50 TTI awards of $250,000 to states and territories on the following five (5) topics directly related to implementing and expanding 988 and crisis services:

  1. Establishing same day/rapid access to behavioral health care for crisis prevention and follow-up care   

  2. State strategies to improve the capacity of the behavioral healthcare workforce   

  3. Improving access to supported employment for transition age youth 

  4. Crisis care and suicide prevention for high-risk populations (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color, American Indian/Alaskan Native individuals, LGBTQIA+ individuals, individuals with intellectual, developmental, and physical disabilities, deaf/hard of hearing, children and adolescents, etc.)  

  5. Improving the interoperability between 911 and 988 

For any questions or concerns please contact tticontact[at]


Deliverables Date Information
Monthly Reports 1st of each month

Please submit two versions of your monthly report: one Word document and one PDF. Remember: your PDF monthly report will serve as your invoice, so make sure it is signed.

Monthly Call Monthly

Each month you will meet virtually with NASMHPD’s TTI team and their subject matter experts to provide an update on your work and coordinate TA.

Snapshot Report August 2024

In August 2023 you will be asked to submit a brief report summarizing your work thus far.

Other Materials